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Advantage is our 'One—Stop—Shop' division for all your after sale yachting requirements that might otherwise have gone overlooked.

We offer all clients our 5 pillars of organizational excellence to give you the 'advantage'.


Working with our sister company Sovren House Group, the Advantage programme revolves around five core elements all requirements to run the highest level a yacht can attain.

The offering is an all-encompassing service product, with each of these individual services available independently, however we believe the strength of the product lies in the synergy between all five elements and the consistency in their utilization ensuring higher quality control and the decrease of overall financial expenditure.

The unique comprehensive offer of full services include:

  • Charter Management

  • Operational Management

  • Crew Recruitment

  • Crew Training

  • Hospitality Management

No other company in the yacht industry offers such a complete service, at such a competitive rate.

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